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Greetings friends of Brookline Golf Course,

I hope you and your family are surviving this incredible pollen season, for I am struggling like many.  One of the local remedies I’ve heard is to incorporate locally sourced honey into your diet.  My diet lately has been consisting of the Philly Cheesesteak or the Fried Fish Sandwich at the Hemlock Grill!  I don’t know many other places that have been busier than our golf course, maybe the local car wash?

Today, I want to touch on some happenings at the golf course.  First up, is care for the course.  When you play our course, I would urge you and your guests to please adhere to our cart directional signage.  It’s important to stay out of the native (high grass) areas with your cart when it’s not on the cart path.  I also would ask for your help in repairing ball marks and raking the bunkers.  You have probably noticed our work sanding and seeding the tee boxes this year, this is in effort to provide high quality turf more consistently throughout the year.

Our fairways have improved greatly this year, thanks to our Golf Course Superintendent Mike Murphy and his entire team.  We have increased our fertility programs and agronomic practices significantly over the past year and we are starting to see those pay off.  One important agronomic practice that has NEVER been done before on all the fairways is verticutting.  Verticutting is incredibly important to improving the turf health, as it removes thatch, slices the turf vertically, gets the turf to stand up more, and creates soil disruption at the surface, encouraging growth and better health.  To go along with verticutting, our topdressing program, started last year, is proving to be invaluable.  Adding sand to our fairways will help with moisture movement through the turf canopy, improving firmness and soil condition.

Our greens have thrived with a more regular aerification program and sanding over the past few years.  Our typical schedule for aeration are the Tuesdays after Memorial Day and Labor Day.  This year we’ll be adding the fairway verticutting and topdressing to that schedule for the Tuesday and Wednesday after Memorial Day.  While this will be a short-term inconvenience, the long-term benefits will be amazing!  On May 30th and May 31st we’ll be closed until 3:00pm with limited tee times available.  Thank you for your support while we continue the journey of improving the golf course.

Have you been by the golf course on Friday nights for our “Summer Sessions”?  Every Friday night throughout the summer, we’ll have live music at the clubhouse from 5:30-7:30, so stop by and get your weekend started off right with a cold beverage, dinner, and some great local music!

In closing, I truly want to thank you for taking the time to read these letters and for your support of our entire team!  We are working very hard to ensure you have an outstanding golf experience at Brookline.

Enjoy those May flowers!

Justin Lawson, PGA

General Manager