The Property

The 120 acre property at the Robert T. Lynch Golf Course is a beautiful landscape featuring elevation changes of 30 feet as well as many creeks and pollinator meadows amid the 18-hole golf course.  This property is one of Brookline’s best kept secrets and is now accessible Monday Mornings to non-golfers. There are select few Mondays that are Holidays and Charity Golf Events when the course is closed to non-golfers.  But for most of the golf season, the property is enjoyable until noon on Mondays. 

2022 Monday Holidays & Events

  • May 30th Memorial Day 
  • July 4th 
  • Sept 5th, Labor Day
  • Oct 10th, Indigenous Peoples Day
  • August 22nd (private event)

Walking and Dog Walking

We invite you enjoy walking, dog-walking, or running, on our beautiful course on Monday mornings. This is when our Maintenance Crew is working on the course, so please be aware of them and stay out of the way of any maintenance activities. All dogs should be on-leash at all times on the grounds. Please throw out any trash created during your visit.  Dog waste should be taken off the property with you when you leave – please do not throw dog waste in our trash receptacles.  We appreciate your assistance in maintaining the course for the enjoyment of all.