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Press Release: Monday, August 8th | Media Contact: Jordan Mayblum


Brookline Recreation Director Leigh Jackson and Robert T. Lynch Municipal Golf Course General Manager Justin Lawson are pleased to announce that the golf course is working to reduce its carbon footprint with robotic lawn mowers.

The two new robotic mowers will eliminate carbon dioxide emissions during regular turf maintenance, as well as allow the grounds crew to focus on other aspects of course maintenance.

“We are excited to be taking this more environmentally-friendly approach to turf maintenance,” said Lawson. “This will make our turf management more efficient than ever and will have a positive impact by eliminating emissions from the mowing process and reducing the noise level for our neighbors.”

The robotic mowers use rechargeable batteries and can mow 24/7 in all weather conditions with consistent performance and increased safety for course staff. The robots use satellite-based GPS localization to create virtual boundaries and can be controlled from a laptop, tablet, or phone. Three replaceable razor blades deliver a controlled and perfect cut, mulching the grass cuttings to provide a natural and consistent source of fertilization. The robots also have a theft tracking function and will require far less maintenance over their long lifespan, compared to traditional mowers.

The two commercial-grade robotic mowers are made by Husqvarna. The golf course partnered with GreenSight, a local company specializing in robotics and agronomy — the science of soil management and crop production — to roll out the robotic mowers.

Brookline is the first golf course in the Boston area to utilize robotic mowers, leading the charge to minimize its carbon footprint and eliminate the noise emitted by gas-powered mowers.

Robert T. Lynch Municipal Golf Course is located at 1281 West Roxbury Parkway in Brookline. Founded in 1933, it offers the closest driving range to the city of Boston, as well as a clubhouse and pro shop, all open to the public.