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We are looking forward to opening the course for spring golf!  We’ll be opening for play for a full 18 holes, walking only, on Thursday, March 14th.  Tee times can be reserved 3 days in advance.  Visit our website home page for daily updates on course conditions.   Hope to see you at the Brookline Golf Course soon!


The golf course was quite busy during the winter months.  We had planned again to provide a snow sports experience for the community, however; mother-nature had alternative plans with another lack luster snowfall.  We were successful in testing our design snow trails with our snow mobile and the feedback was excellent!  Next year, we will look for a greater amount of snow, to test our grooming operation to really see the potential of our snow sports concept come to life.  While we lacked snow, we were fortunate to meet many new friends whom enjoyed walking the course trails with their dogs or just a friend.  It was nice to meet all of you and want to welcome you to continue enjoying the trails on Monday mornings while the golf course is closed for golf!

Our grounds team grew this winter with the addition of two new full time staff members.  Roy Larade and Tim Crane joined Mike Murphy’s team of professionals in December and got right to work.  Roy is our Equipment Technician, and has been incredibly busy and productive ensuring all of our equipment is serviced and running efficiently for the upcoming season.  Roy has a very extensive experience in the autobody industry and is looking forward to a great season in Brookline.  Tim is our Craftsperson and will an integral part of the team ensuring the property is maintained at a high level.  Tim comes from a long career as a golf course superintendent and property manager.  We are thrilled with the additions to our team, and I look forward to you having the ability to say hello next time you’re at the golf course.

With no snow, and an expanded team, it has been a productive winter.  We have continued working with our selective tree removal program following the guidance of our Landscape Master Plan.  We have removed several poor health trees between 1 and 2 giving the remaining trees an opportunity to flourish.  Additionally, on hole 14, we removed several trees on the left side and on the ride side to ensure the hole is more playable and enjoyable.  Hole 14 has always been revered as the most difficult and least enjoyable hole on the golf course.  We believe now, it will rank among the favorites!

For the update that you’ve been waiting for the most, drainage.  We are working extensively with Engineers and our Architects on designing the desired improvements that we would like to make.  These designs must work and therefore the amount of engineering needed is only surpassed by the amount needed at the time of the initial build in 1931.  We are getting closer and look forward to begin our permitting phase sometime in late spring.  With an extensive permitting need, we are hopeful to begin construction sometime next winter.  Working during winter is extremely advantageous for us with frozen ground and minimal impact to the golf season.  Please know that the scope of work we are hopeful to achieve will essentially touch every corner of the golf course in some beneficial way!

With all that, we are hopeful for a dry season and an enjoyable one for all of our golfers.  Please don’t be a stranger, come play a round, say hello, and stay a while!