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    PGA Golf Instruction

  • Duncan Smith, PGA

    Duncan Smith is a class A PGA member and has 25 years of experience playing golf and 15 years of experience teaching the game. He specializes in Swing Mechanics, Short game, Course management.

    Duncan is originally from Manchester, England, and moved to South Florida to attend Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale on a golf scholarship and was most recently the Director of Instruction at Woodlands Country Club in Fort Lauderdale.

    He has taught thousands of lessons to all ages and abilities and you can trust him to steer you in the right direction when it comes to increasing your knowledge of the sport.

    Instruction Rates:

    $120 per hour for adult private instruction | $75 per 45 minutes for junior private instruction

    Semi-private lessons and group are available, just give Duncan a call at 617-730-2078

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  • Samantha Draper

    Samantha Draper
    Golf Fitness Specialist

    Samantha Draper has been passionate about golf from a young age and it has sparked her enthusiasm to focus her personal training career on golf fitness.

    Samantha’s goal as a Golf Fitness Specialist is to create a complete golf experience for golfers to reach their highest playing potential. Through understanding how your specific body works, she can help you to improve your weaknesses, capitalize on your strengths, and find your most effective swing. She believes that golfers can take millions of lessons but if the body is unable to move properly or has muscular imbalances the golfer will never reach their peak performance. Samantha is able to look at the individual golfer to improve overall flexibility, balance, and strength so that the golfer is able to swing most efficiently. She does this by using an integrated training approach to focus on developing functional strength and neuromuscular efficiency. This approach directs training to the entire human movement system through all planes of motion. Samantha will design an individualized training program that will help you develop the most efficient swing that your body can produce by integrating flexibility, core, balance, plyometric, and resistance exercises specific to golf.

    Samantha holds a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Sport Science from Colby-Sawyer College and is a certified Exercise Physiologist/Personal Trainer, Golf Fitness Specialist, and Nutrition Coach.

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